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Monday, October 16, 2006

Michael Rasmussen's "Email Promos Exposed" Video Series: How to Write Killer Email Promos That Get Results!

Have you ever been faced with the task of having
to write an email promotion to your list, and
then realized that you didn't know what to say or
how to say it?

Michael Rasmussen's new video course "Email
Promos Exposed" promises to solve that problem
for you by walking you through the actual process
of creating killer email promos step-by-step.

If you're in a hurry, just go ahead visit this
URL to get instant free access to these videos:

I decided to see if Michael's videos live up to
their promise by trying them out myself. Here's
what I found:

Overall Quality

The first thing I noticed when I opened up the
first video was the stunning production quality.
He used Camtasia Studio for the production, which
is now the industry standard for creating
high-quality screen capture video products. The
audio is near studio quality, and the graphics
are very professional. These videos were made by
someone who KNOWS what he's doing. Well done!

I also liked how Michael divided the videos up by
section, and then again by sub-section. For
example, one video is all about the subject line,
and then there are different parts of that video
that each cover a certain area of crafting a
killer subject line.

Now let's move onto...


Here's a brief summary of each video. Obviously
it's impossible to list every single thing here,
but I want you to get a feel for what each one
covered, and how well it covered it.

If you're in a hurry, just go ahead visit this
URL to get instant free access to these videos:


This video served as an introduction to the whole
course. You get to see a picture of Michael in
his every day life, and he establishes his
credibility right up front by talking about some
of his massive successes online. He even provides
proof of credibility by displaying two checks in
the amount of $50,000 and $25,000 which prove
that, when it comes to the subject of making
money with email promos, he knows his stuff.

This is a good lesson for anyone to get. Whenever
you're teaching people how to do something, it's
good to establish your credibility up front, so
that there's no doubt about whether or not you're
qualified to talk about the subject. Most product
developers either skip or minimize this step.


This video talks about some things that no other
marketer has bothered to mention. You'll learn
things like:

* The mindset you need in order to write a killer

* The different tools you need before you get

* How to keep your emails laser-focused

* How to create an outline that practically
writes the email for you.

This was a fantastic video, and did a good job of
kicking things off.


I liked this video, because it talked about one
of MY biggest weaknesses when it comes to writing
email promos... the subject line. The subject
line is a confusing topic, because nobody's 100%
sure what the best tactics are.

Michael breaks it down, and reveals:

* The biggest secret for writing a subject line
that makes people insanely curious.

* Techniques for personalizing the subject line.

* Mistakes to avoid when using personalization.

I was surprised to find that I was making some of
the mistakes that Michael mentioned in this
video, but now I know better.


This is where a lot of people slack off when
writing their emails. Michael talks about how
important it is to create an opening that is
conversational, and then reveals techniques and
examples on how to do that.

He also reveals:

* How to get people to keep reading your email
once they've opened it.

* How to make your opening interesting.

* Mistakes to avoid when creating your first few


This is one of the "meatiest" portions of the
course, because it reveals techniques that are
not widely discussed on the forums, blogs, and in
most eBooks. He talks about the importance of
keeping your body copy tight and relevant, and
then reveals how you can do that. You'll also

* How to write powerful bullets that make people
curious and want to find out more.

* Simple formatting tricks for making your body
copy easy to read.

* The secret of "bucket brigade copy" and how to
use it in your email promos to force people to
keep reading.


This is where a lot of people wimp out in their
email promos. They start out strong, but when it
comes time to ask the reader to click the link
and take action, they don't know what to say.
Michael talks about some of his favorite
techniques for making that happen, and also

* The "magic question" to ask yourself that will
make your close much more powerful.

* The secret of the "unanswered question" and why
handling this is a surefire way to get people to
act right away.

* The structure of a powerful close.

* Mistakes people make when creating their close.


Some people say that the P.S. is one of the most
important parts of the email, because it is often
the one thing that gets people to click the link
at the end. In this video, Michael talks about:

* Why you should including a P.S. at the end of
your email.

* The 4 different kinds of P.S.'s you can use
(this section was a real eye-opener for me).


I loved this video, because it showed me some
mistakes that I was making that I wasn't even
aware of. Unless you're a seasoned pro, you're
probably guilty of some of the things that
Michael talks about in this video as well, and
that's why it's so valuable. I've shaved years
off my learning curve, because now I can avoid
some of the costly mistakes that I was bound to
make in the learning process.


This video alone is going to make me a lot of
money. Why? Because I used to only send out one
email promo for each affiliate promotion I was
doing. Michael showed me in this video how
important it is to send a follow-up promotion,
and he showed me exactly how to do it. He covered
things like:

* The psychology of follow-up email promo's.

* The 2 main types of follow-up promos that make
the most money.

* How to overcome readers' objections in your
follow up emails.

* The 2 most common mistakes people make when
writing follow-ups and how to avoid them.


Every marketing guru out there says that the REAL
money is on the back end. I'd have to agree with
them, but the problem is... most people have no
idea how to set up a back end system that makes
money. This video will teach you how to set up an
automated back end that's loaded with killer
promos that make you lots of cash on autopilot.
He reveals things like:

* The big difference between regular and back end
email promos.

* How to prepare a back end promotion sequence.

* Common mistakes people make when creating back
end email promos.


This could be the most important video of the
entire package for a lot of people, because most
people email their list to promote other people's
products as an affiliate. Let's face it, if you
only have 3 products, can you really afford to
only email your list 3 times a year? They'll get
bored hearing about the same old products over
and over again. This video sheds some light on
how to create killer affiliate promos. Michael
reveals things like:

* The two main types of affiliate promos.

* What makes affiliate promos different than
regular promos (and why ignoring this huge secret
could cost you big money).

* Michael's favorite tactics for creating
affiliate promos that no one else is doing.

* 3 different ways to add scarcity to your
affiliate promos (this is the most important
section of the video, so make sure you watch it
over and over again).


As you can see, Email Promos Exposed really packs
a lot of punch! Most of the courses out there
offer only watered down, weak content. Not this
one! These videos are going on my "A-list" for a
long time.

I've already watched them twice, and plan on
reviewing them every couple months to make sure
that I have the principals, techniques and
tactics burned into my mind.

If email marketing is an important part of your
business (and in my opinion, it's the most
important part of ANY online business), then you
owe it to yourself to check out Michael's
exciting new videos, Email Promos Exposed.

Here's the URL where you can get instant free access
to the videos right now.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Essential Tools & Services For Your Online Business


Today's Business Tips Article
eAuthorResources NewsLetter © 2006 All Rights Reserved

Essential Tools & Services For Your Online Business

One of the many reasons why an online business has
become a very lucrative option for many enterprising
souls is because the cost of establishing one is close
to nil. In fact, there are only two financial
requirements that you need to comply with before you
can have your very own online business: registering a
domain name and securing a good web hosting service.

You can register your new domain name here:

Other than these, you can actually have a successful
online business without spending an additional cent.

But many veteran internet marketers will tell you that
there are, in fact, some essential expenses that you
can decide to undertake. Though these expenses are
not required, they will greatly help your online
business achieve a level of success beyond your
wildest dreams.

Here are essential tools and services which, though
you may have to pay for, will ultimately rebound to
your enterprise's advantage:

1. An autoresponder service. Gold is in your mailing
list. If you will not establish a follow-up system
for your online business, then you're losing close to
87% of your potential sales? Why? Because studies
show that close to 87% of your possible customers will
not make a purchase on the first contact. At best,
they will only decide to buy from you on the 5th to
12th contact. Hence, capturing their contact details
is necessary if you wish to keep in touch with them
for some future sales. And the heart of a mailing
list, that which makes everything possible? A
subscription to an autoresponder service.

You can use free autoresponder services however, they
do have varying limits on the features that they offer
to free users.

An alternative to a "service", is to install an
autoresponder script on your webhost's or your own
server. You can get the one we use at:

2. Pay Per Click (PPC) a.dvertising. Traffic is the
lifeblood of any online business. And 80% of the
traffic you will generate for your website will come
from the search engines. However, a good position in
search engine results will take some time and a lot of
search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. You'd want
to generate some traffic for your website during the
early stages of your online business' life. The way
to do this is through PPC a.dvertising, where you will
pay the program for every visitor they will send your

You can get $50 worth of PPC a.dvertising for f.ree
just by signing up for a free search engine portal


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Resellers' Rights Club Rates Increasing

If you are already a member, your rate is "Price
Protected", even when the rates for new memberships
go up in the near future.

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3. Tracking tools. You will need to study the traffic
that will pass through your pages. Where are they
coming from? How long do they stay in your website?
Are they clicking on the links you want them to click?
Are they reading the content you want them to read?
These are things you need to know to improve your
campaigns by making necessary adjustments. How can
you make these adjustments if you don't know what to

You can get an excellent tracker here:

4. Product creation. Ultimately, you'd want to have
your own product, one which you will have full control
of. Having your own product, as many veteran online
businessmen say, is the real key to online wealth.
For you to have your own product, you'd have to invest
some financial expenses for its production and perhaps,
even its distribution.

5. Payment processing services. Online users would
rather pay with credit cards or other alternatives
such as PayPal, rather than send over a check or a
money order. Procuring a payment processing service
will allow you to accept payments through your website
itself. This will be very convenient for your

You can signup fpr PayPal Here:


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Are you curious about how to earn cold
hard cash within only a few days on eBay?

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6. Freelance work. You can't do all the work by
yourself. There will come a time when you'll need
help, either for tasks which you don't have the skills
for, or for tasks which seem too daunting. There are
many, many freelancers in the World Wide Web who are
ready to lend their expertise. But you will have to
pay them for the work they will do.

Here is a good place to start looking for help:

7. Affiliate networking script. If you're not into
affiliate marketing, you're missing out on a golden
opportunity to establish a grand online presence at
the soonest possible time. There are many scripts and
software programs available in the market that will
help you build your own affiliate program. Another
alternative is to join ClickBank here: , this is an
affiliate network which boasts of millions of
potential affiliates for your products. You just have
to pay the service a review fee for every product you
want to sell, as well as a small percentage for every
sale that will be generated through its system.

You can signup for an affiliate program that will let
you sell one product through their service for f.ree

A new Affiliate Management Service that allows you to
sell multiple products for f.ree has just launched


eAuthorResources NewsLetter © 2006 All Rights Reserved

Quote Of The Day:

I am always doing that which I can not do, in order
that I may learn how to do it. - Pablo Picasso


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Mark Sandquist
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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Selecting The Right Domain Name


Today’s B.usiness Tips Article
eAuthorResources NewsLetter © 2006 All Rights Reserved

Selecting The Right Domain Name: Do’s And Don’ts

The internet is one big place. It’s easy to get lost in
its many nooks and crannies. If you’re going to visit it
for the first time, you may not know where to go.

This is remedied, of course, by URLs, or Uniform Resource
Locators. A URL is a website’s address in the World Wide
Web. If you know a site’s URL, you’ll know where to go.
Simply type the same on your browser’s address bar, and
you’ll be able to load the website ever so easily.

Central in every URL is a domain name. The address has "thisisaurl" as its domain
name, with .com as its extension.

It is essential for any online business, whether it is
concerned with selling products, offering services,
enrolled in PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising, or peddling
affiliate links, to have the right domain name. Let’s take
a look at the reasons why:

* The right domain name will be easier for your visitors to
remember. This is great for promoting your website and for
generating traffic. If you have registered the domain , for example, then your would-be visitors
won’t have to go through a search engine to find you.
They’ll just type in your domain name and they’ll
immediately reach your website.
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If you are already a member, your rate is "Price
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go up in the near future.

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* The right domain name would be great for your search
engine optimization (SEO) campaign. 80% of your visitors
will come from the search engines – this is a well
established fact. And having your primary keyword within
your domain name of choice would most certainly provide a
boost for your website’s page rank. The boost may be
slight compared to other SEO tactics, but a boost is still
a boost and it will still be an advantage over your

* The right domain name will be great for branding your
online business. People tend to remember domain names than
online business names, after all. Take a look at the
popular website . It is the official site
of Electronics Gaming Monthly, but online denizens still
refer to the business as Gamespot.

So finding the right domain name that would be a perfect
fit for your online business is critical for your overall
success. It is actually the first step in online strategic
positioning. The most recognizable websites in the world
have made it a point to register their desired domain names
way before they have started to build their pages.
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* Do you sell on eBay?
* Have you been thinking of se.lling on
* Are you curious about how to earn cold
hard cash within only a few days on eBay?
If so, you'll definitely love this...

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How do you go about selecting the right domain name? Here
are some guidelines.


* Make sure that the domain name you will choose will
perfectly represent your business. It doesn’t have to be
your business name. It could be a word or a phrase that
would capture what your business is all about.

* Try to find a short domain name, though this doesn’t rule
out the selection of a long but recognizable one. Short
domain names are easier to remember, and this is one of the
things you will be aiming for.

* Try to include your primary keyword in your domain name,
for reasons we have earlier discussed.

* Always try to get a .com extension for your domain name.
This is what most people have become accustomed to.


* Try not to use abbreviations. They are generally quite
difficult to remember.

* Try to avoid domain names that are more than 16
characters long. Sometimes, domain name providers allow
FREE registration of domain names more than 16 characters
in length as part of their promos. Why? Because the
longer the domain name, the less recognition it is likely
to take.

* Try to avoid selecting a domain name that is totally
irrelevant to your business. It’s quite useless. Imagine
the White House taking up shop in Czechoslovakia. That’s
how inappropriate it could be.

eAuthorResources NewsLetter © 2006 All Rights Reserved

Quote Of The Day:

Education is learning what you didn't even know you didn't
know. - Daniel Joseph Boorstin

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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Free Ways To Explode Your Website Traffic Instantly

Every Internet marketer with a website needs to generatetraffic because without traffic it is impossible to sellanything. A website without traffic is likened to someonehaving a shop opened in the middle of no where – desert,jungle, what are the chances of people bumping into yourshop and buying something from you?

It is important that you can drive traffic to yourwebsite, and there are many ways to do it. Some of them:

1. Start an affiliate program.

Starting an affiliate program is one of the greatest waysto get high quality traffic to your website. Almost everysuccessful business online has got an affiliate program.Even for joint ventures, an affiliate program is importantso that your partners can eventually sell your things andearn higher commissions as well. Having an affiliateprogram is crucial to successfully generate high qualitytraffic to your website.

2. Build an opt-in list.

“The gold is in the list,” every single top Internetmarketer in the world should know that a subscriber listis more important than anything else. With an opt-in listyou can get massive high-quality traffic to any websiteinstantly.

Nevertheless, that is not the main point. Having a hugesubscriber list allows you to generate mountainous incomeby selling multiple times to the same customers over andover again. When you need money, all you have to do isfind a quality product and endorse it to your subscribers.

3. Writing articles.

Submitting your own articles to article directories hasbeen proven time and again to generate steady, long termtraffic to one’s website. Another way to take advantage ofyour articles is by collecting a list of e-zinepublishers and submit your articles to them.

4. Reciprocal Linking.

Exchanging links with websites can generate heavy trafficto your website. You can either request for the exchangeof links the traditional way by e-mailing the owner of awebsite; or head to and save muchmore effort and time.

5. Viral marketing.

You can create an e-book, or report in a PDF file and giveit away to marketers with large subscriber lists. Ifpossible, allow people to brand the e-book with theiraffiliate links and sponsor names. However, you still needto include your website’s link and make sure that peoplewill notice it, and visit your website. This can bring insteady and huge traffic to your website for a long term.

6. Participating in forums.

You can generate traffic from forums by including a signature file while posting. Of course, you need to try and attract people to your website as much as you can, and offering a bonus helps boost the response.

7. Write testimonials.

Write testimonials for products that you personally liked and used, then submit them to the owner/founder. If you’re lucky, it will be published on a sales letter which pulls tons of visitors every day and get free traffic through people who are interested with your testimonial.


Mark Sandquist is the Editor of eAuthorResources NewsLetter. provides FREE Help and FREE
Marketing Software for eBook Authors, Software Developers and their
Affiliates and Resellers.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

How To Make Solo Ads Worthy of Your Investment

Sometimes, advertising can be quite expensive. Though it is true that in the Internet, there are a lot of marketing channels you could avail of for free, often, you’d be competing with countless ventures in the said venues. This would result in difficulties with regards to having your business message stand out among the rest.

Hence, quite a number of internet marketers have tried paid options. One of these is paid solo ads in electronic magazines, or eZines. It is widely believed that having a certain space in a popularly distributed eZine would be a very effective way of sending out your business message. Let’s analyze further.

The Power Of Ezines
People subscribe to eZines because they want to avail of the information that would be shared by the said publication. Basically, they DECIDE to receive the eZine issues. This points to a desire on their part to be able to read about the subject catered to by the said eZine. This is why an eZine’s subscriber base is usually called an opt-in list, because users opted to subscribe to the service.

How could this benefit you?
Well, since eZines have a dedicated base of subscribers, you’re sure to tap into a highly targeted market. Often, the failure of most marketing strategies is that they target a general market. The people who would receive their business message may not necessarily have the slightest interest on their products.

With eZines, you’re sure to have a subscriber base that would be perfect targets for your marketing campaign? And why not? They, after all, are subscribed to the eZine because they are involved with its subject. There is no reason why they won’t show the same fascination with what you will advertise.

Choosing The Right Ezine For Your Solo Ad
There is one rule in choosing the right eZine for your solo ad: it’s not the number of subscribers that matter, it’s how responsive they will be. You may find more success with an eZine that has 5,000 readers rather than one with 100,000 subscribers. Ezines with a smaller subscriber base usually mean a more focused audience. These are subscribers who opted for the service because they really want to, not because they were swayed by a sweeping promotional campaign that would reward them with a freebie in exchange for their subscription.

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To know whether a particular eZine is responsive enough or your needs, ask the editor the following questions:

· What is the average number of subscribers that decide to make some purchases per offer, vis a vis the total number of subscribers the eZine has?

· What is the conversion rate exhibited in the mailing list, per offer?

· How many repeat advertisements has the editor gathered in the past months?

Writing Your Solo Ad

Once you have chosen the eZine that you know would serve you well, it’s time to write your solo ad. Keep in mind the guidelines below in composing your promotional piece.

· Decide on a format. Should it be a straight advertisement or an article that would promote your business? I would recommend the latter.

· Craft an attention getting headline. The headline is your chance to capture the interests of your readers. This should be fascinating enough to compel them to read the entirety of your piece.

· Your ad is not a sales page. It would serve you well to treat your ad as a means of capturing leads for future offers instead of directly selling your readers a particular product. People would want to read an informative piece, and they generally dislike being told what to do. Suggest your business if they have relevant needs in the future, instead.

· Make your ad concise. It doesn’t have to be long. The longer your ad, the harder it will be to sustain your readers’ interest. Go straight to the point.

· Enumerate the benefits. This should be the focus of your ad. What’s in it for them? Why should they choose your business? Why should they spend their hard earned money for what you are offering, and what you will offer in the future?

· Impress upon them a sense of urgency. This would be what people label as a call to action. Tell them why they should act as quickly as they could. For this purpose, you could afford them a discount or free bonuses if they would decide to buy your goods within a stated period of time.

These guidelines would assure that you will be investing on a solo ad that would be worthy of the money you will spend.

Mark Sandquist is the Editor of eAuthorResources NewsLetter. provides FREE Help and FREE Marketing Software for eBook Authors, Software Developers and their Affiliates and Resellers.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Traffic Sources - Affiliate Programs, Press Releases

Today's Business Tips Article
eAuthorResources NewsLetter © 2006 All Rights Reserved

Traffic Sources - Affiliate Programs, Press Releases

When your product is finished and your site is up and ready to take orders, it's time to get the word out and start pulling good, targeted traffic - while converting them into sales. No traffic means no customers, it is like having a shop set up in the deep jungle - which literally means no sales.

There are dozens of ways to drive FREE or low-cost traffic to your site, and to name two of them: affiliate programs and press releases.

Affiliate Programs:
If you are using ClickBank as your payment processor, you have an advantage, a head start on this traffic source. ClickBank attracts literally thousands and thousands of affiliates due to its "mall style" listing of products and a built in affiliate system.

Many people visit ClickBank everyday just to seek for potential products to be sold - and this literally means FREE traffic just by listing your products there. Nevertheless, the real traffic comes from the affiliates themselves. When they endorse your product, not only do they drive traffic to your site, they drive targeted prospects who are willing to spend money for your item.

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"Steal" the Secrets of a Regular Guy Who Made $8 MILLION On eBay Last Year!
Self-made eBay millionaire Brandon Dupsky deposits $22,000 a DAY into his bank account, and now you can copy his*exact* system! You''ll discover... >> Which products are the *hottest* sellers on eBay!
>> Where to find *cheap* products to resell for massive profits!
>> Techniques for driving 1,000s of bidders to your auctions!
... and MUCH more!

To check out Brandon''s system, visit:

>>>>>>>>>>>>END SPONSOR MESSAGE<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

>>>>>>>>>>>>END SPONSOR MESSAGE<<<<<<<<<<<<, one of the oldest and most trusted sources for news distribution on the web.

This is where you will submit your press release. You have a couple of distribution options. The FREE distribution service will get your press release on to a network of independent web sites which subscribe to the news feed service.

The advanced distribution options allow you to submit your press release to an even larger number of sites, including very high-traffic portals like Google News,Yahoo! News as well as major newspapers and magazines.

You pick the option best suited to your needs and within about twenty four hours your release gets picked up, people read it and, if they're curious enough, they follow the links you included in the press release. Instant traffic boost!

For the long term:
Press releases, in general, get indexed more frequently and more quickly by the search engines. However, their ranking depends on keyword optimization.

You can, through careful optimization, achieve a topten ranking in the major search engines on targeted keywords within your press release. This is great because your site effectively gets improved positioning by proxy. You must have targeted keywords. The trick is to optimize the press release with relevant keywords that draw searches, but are not saturated or overly competitive.

eAuthorResources NewsLetter © 2006 All Rights Reserved

Quote Of The Day:

Success is more a function of consistent common
sense than it is of genius. - An Wang

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-You have d.ownloaded music online
-Your PC is running extremely slow
-You are pestered by those horrible popup ads
-Your homepage keeps changing

Get rid of it f.ree here:

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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Traffic Exchange And Pay Per Click Programs


Today’s Business Tips Article
eAuthorResources NewsLetter © 2006 All Rights Reserved

Traffic Exchange And Pay Per Click Programs

The ultimate aim of Internet marketing is to get the
most exposure for the products we’re selling or the
services we’re offering. Generally speaking, this is
accomplished by generating a good volume of traffic to
our websites. After all, the more people who would
get to load up our pages, the more attention our
products or services would receive.

This is why many Internet marketers strongly believe
that traffic is, without a doubt, the lifeblood of any
online business.

Internet marketing strategies are geared towards
acquiring as much traffic for your website as
possible. Article marketing, forum marketing, search
engine optimization tactics, keyword determination,
building mailing lists, using blogs, seeding back
links, viral marketing… these are all promotional
ploys to win more visitors for your web pages. They
have been quite popular as of late.

But another group exists. This includes already
existing programs which you could choose to join to
increase the volume of traffic that would pass through
your website.


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Traffic Exchange Programs

One of these programs is what people have labeled as
traffic exchanges. There are free traffic exchange
programs and there are paid ones.
The concept behind free traffic exchange programs is
quite simple. You join a group of people. You visit
one member’s website and you gain a specific amount of
credits. You use these credits to pay someone else to
visit your website. The result is a continuous
synergy of a deep pool of webmasters visiting each
other’s sites, resulting in a traffic boost
proportional to how much effort you invest in the
Of course, there are paid traffic exchange websites
that would be more convenient for you. By paying a
specified fee, you could have the traffic you want.
But a higher volume of traffic would require a higher
fee. Instead of investing effort and time, you’d be
investing finances in this kind of setup.
Here are some traffic exchange sites that you might
want to check out:


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Pay Per Click Programs

If you feel that traffic exchange programs are too much
of a hard work, or too costly, for your tastes, you
could try Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. Google
AdWords is the most popular program of this kind. You
have to open an account with their system, then bid on
certain keywords. If you win the bid, then your website
would be prominently advertised in search results of
queries that include the keyword you have won. You
would have to pay the PPC program, however, for every
search engine user who would click on your ad.

You might be thinking that PPC advertising would be a
little expensive. The answer is both yes and no. Yes,
because it will entail some expenses that would depend
on you. And no because you could place a cap on the
amount you wish to spend everyday. If the number of
clicks reaches the amount you have pegged, the PPC
system would simply stop displaying your website’s ad
until the next day when the counter is reset.

Initially, you might view PPC advertising as a gaping
hole that would diminish your funds. But a simple
strategy can actually make PPC advertising a very
profitable option. All you need to have is a proven
sales copy with a consistently high conversion rate.
Imagine spending $25 per day on PPC advertising, but
gaining $150 for an average of three daily sales.
That’s a profit margin of 200%, which is highly

Regardless of what option you end up choosing, there’s
no denying the fact that traffic exchange and PPC
programs are great ways to give your website that
boost of visitors needed for its sustainable success.


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