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Monday, June 02, 2008

How To Get Free Traffic From Your Content


Today’s Business Tips Article
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How To Get Free Traffic From Your Content

Blogging on the Internet has become more and more popular
over the last several years. Blogs are popular with readers
since they are usually easier and more entertaining to read
than news articles. Also, people like to write blogs because
they rank well on search engines. If you want to write blogs
then these are the things you need to do in order to be

1.Write Frequently

You will quickly notice that the more posts you make to your
blog, the more traffic you’ll get. Plus, if you are constantly
putting new content on your blog then people are going to want
to check back there frequently.

So be sure you write a new post at least three or four times a

2.Digg Your Blog is a very popular social bookmarking site. All you
have to do is sign-up (for free) on the site and then every
time you make a new post you will go back to Digg and put in
the URL of your blog. You will need to put in a couple
sentences as a preview for what you’re posting on Digg. Try to
include a couple sentences that will really capture people’s
curiosity so they’ll click on the link to your blog.

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3.Add Your Blog to SumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is another bookmarking site. It’s actually very
easy to add your new blog entries to StumbleUpon once you are
signed-up with the site.

While signing-up on choose to install their
toolbar. Then whenever you write a new blog entry all you
need to do is click on “I Like It” at the top of your computer
screen. You will literally be able to add your entry to
StumbleUpon in less than 30 seconds.

4.Turn Your Bog Entry into an Article on

You can either use your exact post or write another article
that's different but very similar to your post. Either way,
you want to post the article to at least one top article
directory in order to get even more traffic to your blog.

If you don’t already have an account with
then you will need to get one. Be sure you read the rules so
that you don’t try to make an illegal submission. This will
result in your article being denied.


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Once you have an account then you can submit your article.
Until you become a “Platinum Member” you’ll have to wait a few
days for acceptance. But once your article is accepted it will
give your blog a boost of traffic.

The Right Way to Write Articles

Just about anyone who has a business on the Internet uses
article marketing as part of their marketing efforts. Article
marketing is when a person writes an article related to a
product or service they’re offering in an attempt to get more
people to become their customer. Unfortunately not many people
even know the right way to write articles.

One of the keys to writing articles is to make sure they will
rank high on the search engines. This is done through
keyword/keyphrase optimization. This means that the article is
written using a keyword or a keyword phrase in the posted
article so the article appears in the search results when that
keyword or keyword phrase is searched for through a search

Just about everyone who writes articles knows that the
articles have to be search engine optimized. So this is
followed but the other key for the right way to write articles
is completely overlooked. The other key ingredient is to make
sure the article is well-written, easy to read, and
informative to a human reader. You should not just write for
the search engines but, keep the human reader in mind.


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Too many people simply write an article as fast as they can
and pump it full of keywords or a keyword phrases and then
throw it up on the Internet. These article is not educational
and has no value to anyone. So people will find the article
but they won’t go any further. You could also damage your
reputation by pumping out garbage articles.

So anyone writing an article has to remember there are two
steps that must be taken by any potential customers. First
the person has to find the article and then they have to read
it and find enough value to want to continue to where the
article directs them to.

There are many people who write articles but absolutely hate
it. Many of these people also have no idea how to write a
good article. Luckily there is a formula they can follow.

The first part of a good article is the title. The title
should include the keyword or keyword phrase and it should
also promise to give a benefit to the reader. For example, it
might promise it will tell them how to save money on gas or
it might promise to tell them how to get traffic from their
content (just as the title of this article does). One thing
to keep in mind is to always give people a list or a specific
number of solutions to a problem. People love reading these
types of articles.

Next an introduction has to be written. This will introduce
the reader to the topic and should include a “hook” –
something that will keep the people reading.

Then in the body of the article, you should give them the
benefit that was promised in the title. Make sure you give
them what was promised. If you promised “4 Ways to Save Money
on Gas” then you better give them 4 ways to save money on gas.
If not, they’ll get disgusted and simply click-out of your


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Finally, in the conclusion you should just sum-up what the
entire article was about. Some people like to make the
conclusion a mirror image of the introduction.

Many people write articles and post them on the Internet
but not many people actually know the right way to write
articles. A good article needs to be optimized for search
engines and it also needs to be well-written so that the
article leads the reader to where you want them to go.

More About Article Marketing

Anyone who has anything to market on the Internet should be
using article marketing as one of their tools for promotion.
Article marketing is free and it doesn’t take too much time.
This one marketing tool – if done correctly – can make you a
lot of money.

There is a lot of content on the Internet and more content
is added just about every single second of every single day.
It’s a massive amount of information and it’s not easy to get
your pages and your products to rise above the rest. However,
one way you can it is by using article marketing.

Article marketing consists of you posting articles on the
Internet that relate to what you are selling or offering.
These articles will be written in a specific way and they’ll
include a link back to your site (if they aren’t posted on
your site already). The key is to make the article
informative and interesting and to include the proper
There are many great article directories on the Internet
where you can post your articles to. The most popular one is
probably Before you post your article you
want to include a link back to your site in the signature box.
Then when you post an article on this site and once it’s
approved, it will produce a high page rank link back to your

Article marketing is a great way to get more visitors and
more customers to your site. Article marketing is free and
easy to do. All you have to do is write a good article with
the proper search engine optimization and you will see very
positive results.

You’ll find more information on getting traffic with content
and ultimately, how to monetize that traffic at the following


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